How to use

Step 1


Open the Lifcar application. Choose a car on the map, move the slider «Book a car» to the right and you will have 20 minutes to get to the car.
Step 2

Inspect the car

Move the slider to start the inspection and the doors will open. Upload pictures on the subject of damage and check the presence of documents: there must be STS and OSAGO in glove compartment.

You will have 5 free minutes for inspection. After completing the inspection move the slide in application.
Step 3

Start rent

Sign the Vehicle Transfer Acceptance Act by moving the slider. Now you can start a car and start a trip.

If you want to put the car in the parking lot leaving it behind you, move the slider to «P» position - the doors will close. The cost of rent will be 2 rub/min
Step 4

Finish rent

To complete the trip turn off the ignition, turn the selector to the parking position, turn off the light, close doors and windows. Move the slider to «X». Rent can be completed within the MKAD except for underground parking lots and private areas, observing the traffic rules.
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Link Telegram
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