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Who can become the service customer?

The client of the service can be any citizen of the Russian Federation over the age of 18 who has a permanent registration in the territory of the RF, a driver’s license of the «B» category and meets the requirements of the «Lifcar».

Can foreign citizens become customers?

At the moment registration of foreign citizens is not available. This opportunity will appear but later.

How can I become a customer?

To become a customer you should: Carefully read the terms of agreement on accession. Download a mobile app «Lifcar» in App Store or Google Play. Register in mobile app or on site (fill in our registration form, and upload pictures of your bank card and documents). As soon as you receive notification about verification of your uploaded documents by e-mail and SMS, you are ready to go.

What is the time limit for checking the submitted documents?

Time period for consideration of applications from citizens of the RF is on average 1-2 days.

We will do our best not to delay the verification process, however, in case of a dramatic increase in the average daily number of registrations, the verification time can be increased

What should I do if my application was rejected?

First of all, do not get discouraged. Try to eliminate the reason for the refusal and send a second request for registration.

What documents are required for registration?

To join the service you will need a passport and a driving license. In the process of registration via a mobile app or site following pictures of documents should be attached:

a passport turn (one-page snapshot of pages #2 and #3;
the person next to the turn of the passport (selfie with page turn #2 and #3;
a page with current registration;
front side of driver’s license;
reverse side of driving license.

What are the requirements for attached photos?

Passport pages should be undamaged, clean and free of extraneous inscriptions;
Official marks of documents should be readable with the naked eye;
All for corners of the document should be visible in the picture;
Make sure that the official passport marks are not fingered on the selfie;
We recommend that you take pictures on a flat service in good light and with switched off flash (to avoid glare);
If you attach an incomplete set of documents or their quality does not meet the requirements, we will certainly notify you by e-mail.

What are the requirements for the attached bank card?

It is allowed to use personal credit and debit cards of payment systems Visa and MasterCard number of which consists of 16 digits. You can bind a few cards and select the main card, money will be debited only from it. The information on online security garantees is available at the link:  https://lifcar.ru/card_security.pdf.

Is there an internal form of signing the contract?

To register in the service is possible only through the site www.lifcar.ru and the mobile application. Signing at the office or courier delivery is not provided by the approved registration format.

Where can I get acquainted with the contract?

The current version of the agreement on joining the «Lifcar» service is available on the link: http://lifcar.ru/lifcar_agreement.pdf

Where can I download the application of the carsharing Lifcar?

Application for an iOS-based device you can download from the APP Store, following the link: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/lifcar/id1295004198

Application for an Android-based device you can download from Google Play, following the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pkdeveloper.carsharingwhitelabel.lifcar


What cars are represented in the company?

The basis of the fleet «Lifcar» consists of universals LifanX50 (2017)with automatic stepless transmission in the complete set “LUXURY CVT”. Cars are equipped with a variator, air conditioning, audio system with support for mp3 format with USB/AUX output, with rear-view mirrors with electric adjustment and full electric package, heated front seats and rear parking sensors parktronic.

Will there be a car fleet of a single brand?

At the moment the company will be represented only by brand «Lifan».

Are the cars «Lifcar» insured?

All cars are insured only for OSAGO. Financial responsibility is stipulated in case of damage to the car. At standard fare: In the event of an accident occurred through the fault of the user with the amount of damage up to 100,000 rubles a user pays the amount of damage, but not more than 50,000 rubles. In the event of an accident occurred through the fault of a user with the amount of damage from 100,000 rubles, a user pays 50% of damage. At the tariff of “plus” category: In the event of an accident through the fault of a user, a user pays the amount of damage, but not more than 30,000 rubles.

Whether cars are equipped by airbags of safety?

Certainly all cars are equipped by front airbags of safety.

Whether cars are equipped with child seats?

There are no child seats in the cars, however, there are anchorages ISOFIX on the backs of the rear seats, which, if necessary, will allow you to install your own child seat.

Whether cars are equipped with charges?

No, unequipped. We refused to install the chargers in the car. As the practice shows-this additional equipment is most often subject to vandalism and, as a rule, is in a non-operating state, which causes only annoyance from the tenantry.

Where are the keys to the car?

The car key is locked in the ignition lock. Please, do not try to take it out. The process of the car’s opening/closing is carried out through a mobile application.

Where are the documents on the car?

All documents are collected in a convenient folder that is in the glove compartment of the car. The package of documents includes:

STS (CVR - Certificate of Vehicle Registration).
OSAGO (Insurance).

Why there is no spare tire in the car?

The spare tire is withdrawn by company employees to prevent acts of theft or substitution. In case the tire was damaged during the drive, just inform about it on the phone 8 (495) 744-77-22 and follow a specialist’s instructions.

What a car should be equipped with?

Before the start of the lease, you should make sure that there is:

A package of documents in the glove box;
A car key in the ignition lock;
Rubber floor mats (4 pieces) in the interior;
Уmergency kit of motorists in the trunk;
Brush scrapers (in winter)


How to book a car?

In the mobile application select any free car and press “Book”. The car will be waiting for you for free within 20 minutes. If you did not manage to get to the car during this time, the reservation will be automatically extended in a paid mode. If you twice canceled your reservation within 24 hours, subsequent booking will be calculated in paid mode. Free booking will be available only after the rental is completed.

How to manage car rental modes??

You can use a special slide located at the bottom of the menu «Driving control» to switch between the modes «Drive» and «Parking».

What to do if a damage is found?

Make a photo of a detected damage or contamination and send them to us via the mobile application or mail info@lifcar.ru

It is strongly recommended to always inspect the car before the trip. If the car has any malfunctions, the responsibility for them, not marked by you during inspection, can be assigned to you.

Where can I travel on cars «Lifcar»?

Geography of the use of the service – Moscow and Moscow region (accessible movement and being in the «Park» mode). You can look for boarder allowed zones in the mobile application, turning on corresponding filter icon..

Can I park on «Lifcar»?

Parking is acceptable in any place convenient for you in compliance with traffic rules: on free parking lots and on paid parking for cars included in the zone of paid city parking, defined by the resolution of the Government of Moscow. It is forbidden to complete a lease in underground parking areas with barriers where there is no or difficult access to the GLONAS GPS system or to the Internet, in parking spaces for people with disabilities, for cargo vehicles, on the territory of paid parking not included in the zone of a paid city parking area.

Where can I complete the car rental «Lifcar»?

Within MKAD and some areas beyond the Moscow Ring Road, in any place permitted by traffic rules. The authorized rental end zone is marked in the mobile application. You can turn on this zone by clicking on the corresponding filter icon.

How can I fill in a car?

For refueling up to 10 liters of Regular (AИ-92) we return the cost price of fuel to the bonus account and when refueling over we also charge bonuses:

from 10 liters – 100 rubles to the bonus account;
from 20 liters - 200 rubles to the bonus account;

A photo of the check with the date, sum and the amount of fuel must be sent to e-mail or in Telegram. We remind you that refueling is not mandatory and we do not have a penalty for an empty tank. .

How can I wash a car?

We take care of all car washing and interior cleaning ourselves. If you find a contaminated car, tell us about it, first we will take care of her. Self cleaning of the car by the client is possible only with the permission of the support service and is not compensated by company in any way.

How to replenish the supply of washing fluid?

If the washing fluid is not present in the car, please, inform us by e-mail or by Telegram. We will add it ourselves. 

Is there a mileage restriction?

Restrictions on mileage if they are applicable to the tariff you have chosen and also the cost of 1 km of mileage beyond this limit is indicated in the description of tariffs.

Is smoking allowed in the car?

It is strictly prohibited to smoke all types of cigarettes (including electronic cigarettes and their analogues) by the user and the passenger.

Is driving within the allocated lanes permitted?

Carsharing vehicles are not public transport, accordingly, it is not allowed to move on the designated lanes.

Is it allowed to transport pets?

Animal transportation is allowed only in special closed animal carriers insuring the absence of direct contact of animals with the car.

Is it permitted to complete lease at airports?

The completion of the lease is possible on the parking of the Airport Zhukovsky. Driving directions:

Zhukovsky: https://goo.gl/vZM23b

What to do in case of new documents?

We ask you to notify us about changes in personal/contact details, requisites and deprivation of driving license at info@lifcar.ru


What penalties can a client run into?

Fines that can be presented to the client are divided into two types: Internal Fines are imposed for violation of the rules of service and stipulated by the terms of the contract of accession. Administrative Fines (ГИБДД и МАДИ) are exposed to the client if the time of fixing the offense falls on the period of his lease (violation of the speed limit) or the period after the completion of the lease (violation of parking).

How to pay a fine?

A notification containing the violation information is sent to the user’s mail. Then, the amount of the penalty is debited from the bank card attached to the personal account without authorization. In addition to the amount of the fine, the amount for administrating this fine will be debited from a bank account under the terms of the contract.

Is it possible to pay a fine by bonuses?

Partial or full payment of the exposed amount of the fine (in whatever form) is not provided by bonus means.

Is there a 50% discount for payment of penalties?

In case the order was received by the company in the grace period and paid by the company at a 50% discount, the penalty will be exposed to you also at a 50%. Processing of administrative fines and sending relevant notifications is carried out in order of priority.

Is it possible to pay a fine on your own?

You cannot pay a fine directly. Traffic police fines are set on a car, belonging to a legal entity. So the company pays a fine in favor of the traffic police itself and you compensate expenses.

What is the penalty for evacuation of a vehicle?

In case that you take a car from the territory of the parking lot yourself, the company will not apply to you any additional penalty. In case you cannot pick up a car yourself, we will be forced to set an internal penalty in addition to the traffic police fines.

Can they block an account for penalties?

Yes, In case of systematic violations of traffic rules and service rules, your account in the service can be blocked.

Force majeure

What if I discovered a broken car?

If you find a serious damage to the car or obvious signs of participating in a traffic accident immediately report it by phone 8 (495) 744-77-22 and cancel the reservation. The time spent by you on the way to the car will be compensated to your bonus account.

What if I did not find the documents?

The operation of a car without the OSAGO and STS insurance is prohibited. Please, cancel your car reservation and report about the absence of the documents on the hot line 8 (495) 744-77-22.

What to do if I became participant of an accident?

Keep calm. First of all you need to call a traffic police officer for registration of an accident, then contact the dispatch service by phone 8(495)744-77-22, report about the accident and follow the specialist’s instructions. Please, do not leave the scene of an accident without having issued all the necessary documents.

What if I lost my mobile phone?

Find a way to contact us by phone 8(495)744-77-22. You can also send e-mail on info@lifcar.ru to report on the loss of your mobile. We will block your account for the time of restoration of access to the SIM card and mobile device.

What if I forgot personal belongings in the car?

Try to re-book the car in which you left personal things. If this is not possible, just contact us 8(495)744-77-22. Specialists of customer support will provide prompt assistance in finding and returning your personal belongings.

However, we strongly do not recommend leaving your belongings in the car even if you leave the car for a short time or transfer it to parking mode not finishing the rent.

Remember, the company is not responsible for the personal belongings left in the car.

What to do if I cannot pay by the debt card?

In case that payment by credit card for any reason is not available you can always use the payment for the bank details of the company. Details of the company can be found on the official website www.lifcar.ru or you can ask the specialists of the customer service info@lifcar.ru.
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